Secret Valentine – We the Kings

Secret Valentine – We the Kings

We the Kings is an American pop band from Bradenton, Florida. They are signed to the independent label S-Curve Records (distributed by EMI Music), and their debut full-length album was released in October 2007.  Since then they have completed a variety of tours, most recently the “Bill and Trav’s Bogus Journey” co-headlining tour with The Academy Is….  The band also sports their own miniature series of webisodes, called The King’s Carriage, detailing life on their tour bus.  The band is recording their new album  January of 2009.  They also released Secret Valentine EP digitally on December 16, 2008


One response to “Secret Valentine – We the Kings

  1. I’m a big We the Kings fan, especially all of their acoustic songs, for some reason. Me and the guy I was kind of with before told each other that “Secret Valentine” reminded us of each other. Anyways, a great band for sure 🙂

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