I Need Your Help – Deitrick Haddon

“For Those who have Ears to Hear” is taking a little different course with this addition to the play list.   I have a deep love for soul music.  Especially soul music fused with Gospel and a little Motown.  This one will not disappoint those who love it too.

Deitrick Haddon has emerged as one of the most talented artists of any genre in modern music.  But he’s dedicated himself to Modern Gospel and has quickly become possibly the most creative, consistently enjoyable artist in that genre.

Born and raised in the Motor City,  Haddon was another gospel child prodigy, both as minister and musician.  He gave his first sermon at the church of his father, Bishop Clarence Haddon, at age 11, and was directing the choir by age 13.

Haddon began his recording career in the mid 90s with the Voices of Unity on the small Tyscot label. As the group leader for their three albums, Haddon expressed his forward looking musical view, merging elements of soul, hip-hop and funk in the group’s Gospel music.  VOU had some mild success on the Gospel charts, but by the late 90’s Haddon was ready to move more clearly front and center as a solo artist.  His has released five solo albums and continues his artistic development.

With this song you will see he is a very talented and has a gift in presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So with great pleasure I present “to those who have ears to hear”  Deitrick Haddon  singing…

“I Need Your Help”

In your presence by myself,

It’s you and me Lord and no one else

and I don’t have to say a whole lot of things,

you already know I need your help.

My enemies want to see me fall,

so they can say I told you so.

Lord, I don’t mean to bother you with my small problems,

but there is no where else I can go.

Lord, I need your help (x2)

Verse 2:

Lord, at thy feet I fall,

and Lord I surrender all,

and if you can forgive me of my sins,

I know that I can start all over again, hey,
You got it now sing it with me…

Lord (Say I) I (I really do) need (yeah) your help
(I tried to do it on my own but I found out)
Lord (I need) I (I need ya) need your help

I traveled long on every side.

There’s no where to run or hide.

Won’t you hear my humble cry (yeah!)

Lord I need your help (x4)


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