While I’m Waiting – John Waller

With the release of his sophomore solo project, While I’m Waiting, John  Waller, the Georgia-based singer/songwriter delivers a stunning eleven-song treatise that overflows with a message of trusting God, even during those painfully long seasons of waiting. “The important thing to remember while we are waiting on God is to not just wait, but to actively wait,” John declares. “Serve, worship, and be faithful with what you have, where you are…even while you wait.”

When a friend suggested John write a song about waiting on God, the idea just clicked. “Everyone can relate to the pain of waiting on God,” John says. “I wanted to pose the question, ‘What do you do when you are waiting on God?’ The answer is, you continue to be faithful where you are. You continue to serve and worship while you are waiting. I wrote “While I’m Waiting” in about ten minutes. I never dreamed it might end up in a movie.”

Not only did “While I’m Waiting” end up in FIREPROOF, the No. 1 independent movie of 2008, it became a focal point of the film and the only song played in its entirety. The themes of John’s song resonated so strongly with the film’s message that the producers scripted an entire new montage around it. The theatrical release’s 4 million viewers’ response to the song was immediate and visceral. “While I’m Waiting” hit a collective nerve and people began clamoring for more.

Please enjoy a wonderful song with a beautiful message of God’s plan for our lives.


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