A new addition to the files “for those who have ears to hear”.  Recommended by a good friend,  I have listened to their music catalog and found them to be worthy of mention here on my site.

The band has been playing together for 6 years, after forming during high school in the area surrounding Chattanooga, Tennessee.    With a pop rock sound abounding, their  songs naturally lead to powerful performances rife with energy. During live performances, the band  seems to connect with people on more of a heart-level; the kind of emotionally-charged moment that one rarely forgets.

With emotionally-laced lyrics and the predominant use of piano – an instrument that played an important part of Nevertheless’s sound during its independent days.  It reaches into the soul and grabs the listener.  “We feel like it’s a lot easier to just write heavy songs than it is to sincerely express a message.  A piano has a way of really capturing a listener, and we find that it brings out emotions better than a guitar.” says Cheek.   “We intentionally sought to progress in how our record would sound this time.   It’s not a complete departure from the last records’ sound, but more an accent of it, with a bit more depth of emotion.”

It is with this song “REST” that it truly captures the soul and points the listener to Jesus Christ.  Sit back and have a good listen to a band called NEVERTHELESS…it will be well worth your time.

Thanks for the recommendation, Preston, you have great taste in music.


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