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Here With Me – MercyMe


Find a Way – Strike Out Pro

At the beginning of 2006 SOP teamed up with Producer/Engineer Brennan Willis (More Than Electric, The Undeserving, As They Fall). The resulting product was then mixed and mastered by Nashville Producer/Engineer, Allen Salmon, (More Than Electric, This Beautiful Republic, Sanctus Real, Mute Math). In September of 2006, Strike-Out Pro released a five track EP entitled, Here and Now. With lyrics inspired by their Christian faith, the songs bring a message of hope, forgiveness, and love. Reflecting that message on and off the stage, this three-piece outfit continued to win over crowds with an energetic live show and a genuine connection with the audience.

Towards the end of 2007 Strike-Out Pro decided to end. Not the end of playing music however as a new project is in the works. The bands’ direction and vision has changed and evolved over the years. It has come to this. An end but yet a beginning. Strike-Out Pro was not a failure but a success for what it accomplished. If only one person’s life was changed because of a concert or a lyric in a song then it was a success. Strike-Out Pro is only a link to something greater. The best is yet to come.

SOP’s list of accomplishments include being featured and interviewed on 106.5 the zone and 92.5 Kiss FM. The song “Find A Way” received regular airplay on 106.5, and the music video won the Kiss FM Pepsi Smash music video contest. “Find A Way” was also included on the Toledo Rocks Compilation disc sold in local Best Buys. The song “Don’t Turn Your Back” received airplay on Detroit’s biggest alternative station 89x. “Best of Me” was given airplay on 89.3 Yes FM. SOP was featured in the Toledo City Paper. SOP teamed up with Missionary David Ward and his Reclaim Kids project that supports and provides homes for orphans in Africa. Strike-Out Pro has been privileged to share the stage with some amazing bands including Family Force 5, Sanctus Real, This Beautiful Republic, Pillar, Everyday Sunday, House of Heroes, Needtobreathe, Landon Pigg, Edison Glass, Luna Halo, Rediscover, Ellison, Dash The Assassin, and The Undeserving. And last but not least, SOP has made a lot of friends and met some awesome people, which is priceless. Thank you for your love and support!