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One Moment More – Mindy Smith

With an angelic voice and songs full of faith, grace and vulnerability, Mindy Smith has been embraced by critics and fans alike with each recording she unveils.   Few singers are better prepared than Smith to sing convincingly about such a wide range of emotions. Her pure, unaffected soprano illuminates her words and sentiments—even when it seems as if she is singing for just herself.

Effortless as these performances feel, Smith is a perfectionist when she steps up to the microphone. “It is really important to me for every vocal to be as good as it can be.” Especially in the recording studio. “There are some songs I do in one take and others where I have to go through and sing line by line.”

Smith is careful not to disclose particulars about individual songs because she worries that might interfere with the listening experience. “People tend to relate to my songs because of their own experiences. And they’ll take what works in their own life away from this record.” But rest assured all her music comes from the heart. “Everything here is definitely from my personal experience,” she concludes.

This song, “One Moment More” is a tribute to her mother who passed away from cancer.   It is a great addition and worthy of placement in the files  of those who have ears to hear.