These Things Take Time – Santus Real

Sanctus Real is an American Christian rock band formed in Toledo, Ohio, in 1996.  The group is composed of Matt Hammitt (lead vocalist, guitar), Chris Rohman (lead guitar), Dan Gartley (bass), Pete Prevost (guitar), and Mark Graalman (drums).

In 1996, lead singer and guitarist Matt Hammitt met guitarist Chris Rohman while they were tenth graders attending Toledo Christian School in Ohio.  Thus was the beginning of Sanctus Real and the band released three independent albums over five years.   After signing with Sparrow Records in 2002, the group released their major label debut, Say It Loud, at the end of the year.   In June 2004 it was followed by Fight the Tide, which garnered a GMA Dove Award win in 2005, and two singles that charted at number 1 on Christian radio, according to R&R magazine.   The band’s third album, The Face of Love, was released in April 2006. The single “I’m Not Alright” received a GMA Dove Award nomination in 2007.

Their fourth album, We Need Each Other (2008), was recorded in late 2007 and released in February.   It received a Grammy Award nomination and spawned the single “We Need Each Other“.   Sanctus Real released their fifth studio album in March 2010, titled Pieces of a Real Heart.    The band’s music incorporates a modern alternative rock style, and has evolved from power pop to a more melodic and guitar-driven sound.

“These Things Take Time” is a release from their newest album.   Clearly they have matured with time and it is by far my favorite album to date.  It is one of my all time favorites from them and it is worthy for those who have ears to hear.


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