Starry Night – Chris August

The debut release from singer/songwriter Chris August under the Fervent record label, No Far Away is an honest collection. The majority of songs tell a part of his story from brokenness to restoration with a glossy pop/rock sound and clean R&B influenced vocals. Within his musical endeavors the polished crooner doesn’t claim to have all of the answers, but sings his with a simplistic authenticity and content that recounts life experience infused with his desire to serve God.

Though this is only the second record from the 26-year old, he is certainly not a newcomer to the music scene. A self-taught musician, August says that the year he turned 15 was a “huge turning point” for him.  It was a foundational time period as he began playing, writing, and recording music and also became a Christian. Fresh out of college, he went on to record, produce, mix and master his first independent album. His work was soon noticed and quickly earned him a recording contract with Geffen Records and management deal with Joe Simpson.

After moving to Los Angeles to work on his album, he also collaborated with secular industry notables and began to write, record, and produce for others simultaneously. In short, after two years of hard work, including a year-long tour with Ashlee Simpson, he found himself back in his hometown of Garland, TX. It had been two years since he darkened the door of a church, and deeply missed it.  Shortly after, “Starry Night” was birthed—a song that August says is a “rededication of my music and my life to Jesus.”


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