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Stay – Safetysuit

Another great song by Safetysuit just for those of us who have ears to hear.


Someone Like You – SAFETYSUIT


My new addition for “those who have ears to hear” is a wonderful band I had the privilege to see in concert a few weeks ago.  The song featured here is “Someone Like You”.   It is a strong representation of their talent, but by no means should they be considered a one-hit-wonder.  I bought their latest CD and I feel that 3 or 4 tracks are as strong as this song.

Anything—and everything—about SAFETYSUIT can be summed up by the band’s name.

“I think the key word is ‘safety,’” explains lead singer/guitarist Doug Brown. “The four of us in the band have been friends forever. We feel comfortable around each other. We’re in a safe environment…and that makes us feel free to be who we are. And, if we can inspire that moment or that feeling in our fans, we’ve succeeded.”

Which begins the story of SAFETYSUIT, an extraordinarily talented, musically confident young band that does, in fact, inspire. Their songs capture the grandeur and depth of U2, with an imaginative pop sensibility at its core and a dizzying wall of guitars as its backdrop. “It’s not rocket science,” says Brown. “Quintessential good melody and good lyrics, that’s what makes a song.”

Oddly, the band’s influences share very little with the group’s final sound. “Hey, I like Rob Thomas – the way he twists a melody has always caught my ear. I grew up on the Allman Brothers and the Beatles. I like a lot of modern rock. And the Eagles – you won’t hear that in our music, but there’s a band that really showed me what a group of people can accomplish musically.”

It’s a feeling you’ll hopefully discover with  SAFETYSUIT.  As Doug Brown promises, anyone who comes to their show should feel better afterwards than before they came in. As is with their music, it’s an inspiring thought.