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When All Is Said and Done – Geoff Moore and the Distance

When the music fades into the past,
When the days of life are through,
What will be remembered of where I’ve come?
When all is said and done?

Will they say I loved my family?
That I was a faithful friend?
That I lived to tell of God’s own son?
When all is said and done.

Of how I long to see the hour,
When I would hear that trumpet sound.
So I could rise and see my Savior’s face,
And see him smile,
And say ‘Well done.’

You can forget my name
And the songs I’ve sung,
Every rhyme and every tune.
But remember the truth of Jesus’ love,
When all is said and done

When all is said and done.


Oh My Dear – Tenth Avenue North

It has been a while since I posted a new music on this site.  I guess it is because I have been in a music funk lately.  I just do not think what I hear “out there” is worthy of a post.  Again, as a friendly reminder, this site is about music I love.  It really doesn’t matter whether you like it or not.  However, if you do not listen and try to open yourself to new music you may be missing wonderful additions to your music collection.   If the song is  “worthy” to post  for “Those Who Have Ears to Hear” then that is what I will do.

It has been quite the dry spell for a while.

Until I heard this song “Oh My Dear” from Tenth Avenue North.

Rarely has a new band delivered a song with more emotional punch than Tenth Avenue North.  Musically inventive and lyrically compelling.  It tells a simply story of grace found in a place and time that a band member and his future wife had on a cold wintry night.

It all began for Tenth Avenue North when the band members met at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida. They began booking themselves in churches and youth camps from Florida to Colorado. They began creating a buzz that caught the attention of label executives at Provident Label Group and landed a deal with Reunion Records.

Tenth Avenue North’s songs remind the listener of God’s grace and challenge believers to focus more on the things of God, not the things of this world.

“We try to meet with people after all of our shows; it’s important to us to connect,” they say of interfacing with fans in the band’s seemingly endless autograph lines. “The reason we’re in this is to talk to people, engage with people and hopefully, disciple people.”

For me, it is just another worthy song for those who follow this site.  It is definitely part of the excellent archives of music posted here.  Enjoy.